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At NetConneXions we know that any website that is to become successful as a sales and marketing tool needs to be intuitive and easy to use for first-time and repeat visitors. Based in Carlisle, Cumbria we excel in creating stunning, intuitive and easy to use websites, e-commerce and mobile solutions for your business.

We are a full service digital marketing agency working with B2B and B2C brands to deliver measurable results and demonstrable Return of Investment. At NetConneXions we construct highly engaging, manageable websites with beautifully designed bespoke user interfaces, strong usability and flowing, intuitive navigation.

We can work with your ideas or come up with inspirational concepts on your behalf. Our planned, integrated approach will ensure the achievement of your objectives and everything we do comes back to our goal of creating marketing you can measure.

* Information architecture and wireframes
* User interface design
* Process modelling
* Project management
* HTML/CSS production
* E-commerce and secure payment processing integration
* Mailing list integration
* CMS implementation
* Measurement and analysis
* Quality assurance
* Testing

With our ability to interpret audience needs, we understand what your user wants and how to successfully reflect and strengthen your brand online and, of course, everything we build is compliant with current accessibility requirements.

Mobile Websites

More people every day are using their iPhones, BlackBerry’s and a whole variety of smartphones to find companies, research products, and contact businesses. According to a 2009 comScore study, the mobile user base is over one third of desktop web users.

If you don’t have a mobile presence you risk losing ground to your competition, failing to connect with users, and missing out on opportunities to extend and strengthen your services.

Mobile Phone Web Design

Writing for the web – Do’s and Don’ts

Writing for the web is very different from writing for print. Many people assume that anything you can read on paper can be read in the same way onscreen. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When reading online, we scan rather than read information word-by-word, therefore anything that is poorly visible to begin with will be completely skipped over onscreen. Furthermore, users are usually looking for specific information and as a web author you must make it easy for potential customers to find what they want. People generally read a lot slower online than they would in print and studies have shown that reading on screen for a prolonged period of time is an unpleasant experience for most users.

To avoid creating an unpleasant reading experience for your users, follow these simple do’s and don’ts:


  • Use short concise paragraphs
  • Use subheads
  • Use bulleted lists
  • Highlight your keywords
  • Talk about benefits and end results to make the sale
  • State your most important information in the first couple of paragraphs
  • Keep it simple, and
  • Avoid unnecessary jargon!


  • Write copy that is long winded and laborious to read
  • Use long sentences and large paragraphs creating a daunting wall of copy
  • Write copy that will be out of date in a month – unless its for a date stamped blog
  • Use sales language
  • Use PDF’s for online presentation – users will print documents that are too long to easily read online.
  • Make your copy all about you – your reader should always be the focus
  • Forget who your target audience is

Choosing the best domain name for your business

Choosing the best domain name for your website is very important. Think of it as where your website lives on the internet – it’s easy for people to get lost if they can’t work out where you live! But how do you get started?

Choosing your domain name should be based on the goals you have for your business. Are you looking for local, national or international recognition? Do you want to dramatically increase your online sales or does your website just need to establish a brand presence?

Whether you are looking for local, national or international recognition, increased sales or a brand presence you need to think about what type of domain name will serve you best. There are two main types of domain name you can choose for your website; descriptive or branded.

A branded domain name uses the name of your company, for example

A descriptive domain name may not be the name of your company but a description of what you do. For example, Orchid Telecom uses

There are many arguments about which type of domain name is best, here we give you some info to help you determine which type of domain name is best for your business.

Branded domain names

Most people think that their company name should be their domain name, although this is generally good advice, using your company name only gets people to your website who already know who you are and what you do. The domain will help you attract your existing customers no problem, as they can likely already spell your company name and guess your domain name. But there’s a chance that a new customer, who doesn’t know you exist, won’t be able to guess your company name and type your long, hard to spell company domain name into their browser and find you! This is only one of the factors that make choosing a branded domain name require a little more leg work. To ensure that potential customers recognise your brand name and associate it with the product or services you are selling you need to work much harder with your marketing and branding to get your name out there and dominate your marketplace.

Therefore, when choosing to use a branded domain name, we would recommend securing multiple domain names for your website. The full company name, any commonly misspelled versions of the company name and a or .com version to help limit missing out on valuable custom.

Descriptive domain names

The best thing you can do for your website is gain as much exposure as possible by getting well listed in search engines through ‘SEO’ or Search Engine Optimisation. Choosing a descriptive domain name is good for SEO. Think of SEO as being like a sat-nav guiding potential new customers towards your website – only the destination is defined by the words a potential customer types into a search engine. Each time a somebody searches for a product or service in a search engine, the search engine suggests websites where you can find that product or service. A descriptive domain name increases your chances of being listed as one of those destinations as the search engine will match up the descriptive words in your domain name with the descriptive words that person has typed into the search engine.

Therefore, when opting for a descriptive domain name, it’s wise to do a little research on good ‘keywords’ or search terms for your products or services and try to fit those keywords into your domain name. For example, Orchid Telecom have the domain name and they perform extremely well in search engine rankings, having appeared on page one on Google for quite some time now. Although the descriptive domain name is only a small factor in achieving successful search engine rankings, a little help goes a long way! Another benefit of using a descriptive domain name is that it gives potential customers an idea of what your business is about before they visit, eliminating the possibility of disappointment when they don’t find what they are looking for. As well as that, customers find it much easier to remember descriptive domain names, as they describe the product or service they are looking for.

To summarise

Branded or descriptive domains are both great but bare in mind the goals of your business; descriptive domains help with SEO allowing you to reach a wider audience and a branded domain name can help get your company name out there.

Web Design Cumbria

iwebshop are a web design and ecommerce company based in Carlisle, Cumbria. We specialise in creating ecommerce solutions and websites for businesses of all sizes, from new start-ups to large companies.

There are many ecommerce and web design companies out there, why choose iwebshop?

We pride ourselves in giving 110% support, before, during development and after launch of your online shop or website. Our priority is to  develop your website and update you regularly so you are never left in the dark.

We update our testimonials page and portfolio regularly so you can see what we have been working on and how our customers feel about our work.

Email Marketing

We have setup a new Dedicated Server, for our email marketing customers.

Email Marketer is a web based email marketing and autoresponder software that over 15,000 business owners use every day to create, send and track profitable email campaigns and autoresponders for themselves using our fully managed hosted solution designed specifically for you.


* Anyone can create and send stunning email campaigns
* Easy browser based contact management
* ‘Hands Free’ followup with autoresponders
* Personalise your email campaign
* Automatic integrated bounce management
* Track click-throughs and email-opens
* Segment and filter your email lists before sending
* Professionally designed email templates
* Custom email templates

More info here: Email Marketing

Free Zencart Templates


You can now download over 100 free zencart templates from iwebshop. There is two install options, either self install (free) or paid install (small charge).

zencart templates

Setting up Attributes and allocating them to a product

How TO: Setting up Attributes and allocating them to a product.

Tutorial on setting up attributes and allocating them to a product in zencart. Step by step instructions.

The basics of this is in 3 parts:

All found in the Catalog Menu.

1. Option Name Manager: This is where you create the name of the option, e.g. Colour

2. Option Value Manager: This is where you create the ‘possible’ values of a option name.
e.g. Blue , Red

3. Attributes Controller: This is where you allocate option name and option values to a product.

So, when setting up attributes, you do it in that order, 1 then 2 then 3.

More detail:

Example of setting up an option called ‘Colour’ , allocating 2 values to it ‘Blue, Red’ and then allocating it to a product.

1. Option Name Manager.

a. Select Catalog -> Option Name Manager
b. in the ‘en’ box type in the name of the option: Size
c. in the order box, enter 1
d. leave it as a dropdown (as there will be choices for this option).
e. Click Insert.

2. Option Value Manager.

a. Select Catalog -> Option Value Manager
b. In the option box ensure Colour is selected.
c. Enter the first value of Red into the ‘en’ box
d. in the order box, 1
e. Click Insert.

f. Repeat b to e for Blue

3. Attributes Controller.

a. Select Catalog -> Attributes Controller
b. In the first drop down box select the category the product resides in.
c. in the next box highlight the product you want the allocate the attribute to and then click ‘display’
d. Under ‘ADDING NEW ATTRIBUTES’ highlight the name of the attribute ‘Colour’ and highlight the first option of Blue in the next box.
e. In the order box: 1
f. If there is an added cost with this particular attribute then enter the added cost into the price box. For instance the product may be setup with a price of £10 but you want Dimension Blue to be £5 extra, you would enter 5.00 in the price box
g. Click Insert.

h. Repeat d to g for the 2nd option Red.

Zen Cart SEO Optimisation Pack

The zen cart optimisation pack, is designed to help your shop maximise their Search Engine Optimisation of their site and products, bringing in vital traffic and making sales. The modules will be installed, configured and setup with google ready for you to use.

iwebshop will first backup your files and database, then install the addons which you select from the following list. Where possible we will install the newest verison of the addons determined by the zen cart version you are using.

The pack includes

Friendly SEO URLS
Google Base
Google Analytics
Google XML Sitemap
EZ-Pages Meta Tags

Order Here

Zencart Security Fix [FREE fix]

There has been a security flaw discovered in the admin section of zencart.

Although our own customers come first, we are offering a free service to other zencart 1.3.x users to apply the fix:

Dropshipping UK List

Its not easy finding a reliable dropshipping list for the UK, one that is constantly updated with new dropshipping companies and removal of old dropshipping companies.

iwebshop provide an updated dropshipping list of UK companies, arranged into categories.

More info: Dropshipping UK List